Buy Movie Online

Purchasing putlocker movies online is certainly not another idea. Indeed, numerous sites offered buyers the choice of purchasing or downloading movies on the web yet it has just taken off as of late.

One of the fundamental reasons is on the grounds that the innovation and online business complexity has gotten steady over the most recent couple of years and customers are not, at this point impervious to such new innovation. Quick broadband reception by numerous purchasers have given the stage to spilling recordings and DVD movie download.

Thus, numerous sites have started growing on the web where you can purchase movies online either by means of DVDs or web based downloading and movie gushing.

Here are the top movie sites that you can purchase movies on the web


CinemaNow is an online movie download webpage that offers a wide choice of movies to download or lease. Most new Hollywood movies are accessible and in the event that you decide to purchase a movie on the web, it is put away in CinemaNow’s advanced library. You would then be able to download it as and when you like. For rental, there is a timespan of 24 hours for you to watch the movie on the web.

It is more monetary to get a membership plan on the off chance that you intend to watch a great deal of movies every month. It costs $29.95 every month and is really reasonable.


Movielink is a joint endeavor that is bolstered by the significant movie merchants. movie heavyweights, for example, Sony Pictures, Universal Studios and Paramount Pictures among others contributed their most recent movies on Movielink for rental or download.

Right now, it costs under 5 bucks for every download. More established movies ordinarily cost less, as a rule you can lease or purchase a movie online for under 1 dollar. Make certain to check their site however as costs here and there may change.


Vongo is really new and depends on a membership plan. Fundamentally you pay $9.99 every month and you can download boundless movies on the web. There are independent charges for premium movies and TV shows however it is still moderately modest.

On the off chance that you need to purchase a movie on the web, I strongly suggest Movielink as it has the biggest determination of current Hollywood movies and the costs are sensible.