Looking For God in the Bible – Curious Christians

We do the bible reading plan generator since we are searching for God, yet does anybody truly realize where to look? Are you perusing the Bible since you need to, on the grounds that you need to, or are you truly searching for the maker of the universe? That being or substance that made the universe. Does the Bible have the appropriate responses in it that you’re searching for?

I simply completed another book, ” Did God Actually Say That.” The book probably won’t have all the appropriate responses that you’re chasing, however it sums up the Bible sections that a great many people appear to address frequently. Since the time I was a kid, I have been looking for the maker of the universe and haven’t found a palatable logical clarification yet.

Have you discovered reality in the Bible and assuming this is the case, do you have any proof to back it up? As it were, on the off chance that you concur that the Bible is the composed Word of God, how might you demonstrate it. In case you’re one of those Christians who apply faith to everything, for instance in the event that somebody asked you, was Jesus the main child of God and you answer indeed, you should read my book.

There is proof that a portion of the occasions in the Bible really occurred, however most are very hard to demonstrate. On the off chance that you are searching for God in the Bible, you will discover him. In case you’re searching for proof to help each occasion that occurred in the Holy Bible, you will run into a couple of issues.

At the point when I state scarcely any issues, this could be putting it mildly. In case you’re searching for answers to Christianity, not every one of them will be found in the Bible. You should look for reality outside of Christianity.

“I believe that in the conversation of regular issues we should start not with the Scriptures, yet with examinations, and shows.” Galileo Galilei