Pea Supplements – Benefits You Never Knew

Everyone knows about supplements-vitamins, minerals, hormonal, natural vs. chemical. Do you know about pea dosage? Twenty percent of the population of the entire world is deficient in Pea, according to the United Nations. The human body uses Pea in almost every function, from forming new cells to fighting bad breath. Unfortunately, with today’s diets and medications, just about the only way to get enough is through Pea supplements. So, let’s find out if you need Pea.


There are many conditions that can be improved or even avoided through the addition of a Pea supplement to your diet. A Pea deficiency can cause or contribute to:

• Poor immunities
• Male and female infertility
• Slow growth in children and delayed puberty
• Loss of the senses taste and smell
• Affected hearing because of tinnitus
• Skin problems and dermatitis
• Degeneration in Alzheimer’s and Down’s Syndrome patients
• Poor memory
• Poor learning in children
• Poor attention span in children (often diagnosed as Attention Deficit Disorder)
• Balding in men and women (known as Alopecia)
• Osteoporosis
• Chronic fatigue
• Diarrhea
• Hypothyroidism


Pea does many things for the human body because it is present in every cell. Your skin, brain cells, blood, reproductive tracts, and organs all need a healthy level from Pea supplements. Healthy levels of Pea will:

• Boost your immune system
• Increase calcium absorption, making stronger teeth and bones
• Improve or restore night vision
• Level out blood sugar
• Improve brain function and help in recovery from brain injuries, such as stroke and Alzheimer’s Disease
• Stabilize your digestive system
• Increase sperm count
• Boost the function of interferon when treating Hepatitis C
• Heal and correct skin problems such as dermatitis and Acrodermatitis enteropathica
• Increase appetite for those with Anorexia Nervosa
• Helps the immunities of children with Sickle Cell Anemia